Mesotherapy without needles
Hyaluron pen is an innovative facial aesthetic technique, which consists of introducing hyaluronic acid or other active ingredients into the skin without using any type of needle. For this, the hyaluron pen uses a high pressure (6.5 bars), which manages to nebulize and introduce micro-particles into the skin at high speed (220m / s).
It is a minimally invasive technique that achieves truly spectacular results from the first session.

Mesotherapy with Hyaluron Pen

It is an alternative to traditional facial mesotherapy with needles, with the same results, a combination of principles actives is penetrated, previously diagnosed according to the need of the person, providing the dermis with cross-linked hyaluronic acid, peptides, tripeptides, collagen, vitamins, and amino acids necessary for skin protection and good health.
Hyaluronic acid infiltration is totally harmless for the body, in addition to being resorbable since its concentration in the skin decreases over the years, the amount introduced will always be evaluated by the professional according to the type of need, each face is unique and You need different applications to achieve the wonderful results.

Hyaluron Pen benefits

Its most common use is to hydrate and give volume or augmentation to the lips, without needles and without pain, but of course it has many possibilities!
It is used to treat deep wrinkles (nasolabial , wrinkles around lips (for smokers) crow’s feet…
Give volumes to the face (chin, nose such as rhinomodeling)cheekbones, lips,
fine lines, sagging skin, acne marks … a variety of options that will surprise you!
Like us who are already the N ° 1 fans!

Facial depigmentant

Carrying out a particular diagnosis, to start therapy in a gentle way, especially in those with sensitive skin.
This is a treatment that needs to work the deepest layers of the skin, to eliminate oxidized cells and subsequently regenerate the tissue to ensure minimal lack of protection, depending on the stain, it is performed with peeling, Microneedling, or hialuron pen.
Remember that melasma or stain is a slow-onset process and it is also a cure.
You must follow the post-treatment home care guidelines rigorously.
It is very important to avoid the sun, use sun block creams.


Soften stains.
Evens out or improves skin tone.
Enzyme activation and toning.
Brightens the face and removes excess skin.

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Full price list


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