Good manual techniques with specific facial massages achieve an effective face lift without surgery, facial massage is an ancient Japanese technique that helps rejuvenate the face and repairs facial tissue, preventing and reducing the impact of the aging process.
The combination of stimulating, delicate and sensitive techniques, applied quickly and rhythmically, provides surprising and immediate results.
After a deep analysis of the skin, a personalized combination of highly cosmetic products is created, facial massage techniques are performed, reducing facial flaccidity as it tones the muscles, improves the circulatory and lymphatic system and imperfections, besides being important for health.

Deep facial hygiene

Maintaining facial hygiene is very important for skin care, so it is advisable to perform a deep facial cleaning every month to avoid the accumulation of residues and the appearance of blackheads, blemishes and blemishes.
With a good meticulous and personalized skin cleansing depending on the type of skin, any toxin and impurities are eliminated through facial exfoliation and the channeling of sebaceous glands. Essential treatment for all skin types, it deeply cleanses pores, purifies, balances the pH and removes excess dead cells, allows the skin to oxygenate from the inside, so it breathes properly again and improves the process cell regeneration.

Benefits of facial cleansing

It favors the penetration of the active principles of the products.
Eliminates impurities and smoothes the skin.
Provides luminosity and hydration.
Balances the pH of the skin.
Activates blood circulation in the area.

Facial hydration

Pharmacists, dermatologists … All beauty experts agree:
hydration of the face is an essential gesture.
Good hydration delays the appearance of the first wrinkles, preserves the youth of the skin, keeping it flexible and radiant.
Basic aesthetic treatment for the skin and maintaining the elasticity of the epidermis. Key facial treatment to maintain healthy, protected and healthy skin.

Acne oxygenation

That «lifelong» treatment that survives all trends.
Despite its apparent simplicity, doing oxygenation well is an art.
It is a success for all skin that enjoys it, receiving luminosity from well-trained hands in diagnosis and drainage of impurities, a prodigious dedication in treatment, which does not skimp on time but on the quality of the treatment and perhaps most importantly, the personalization of each session according to the person.


Oxygenates and clears dark circles.
Eliminates bacteria and impurities.
It acts against free radicals.
Calms redness, corrects imperfections. Deeply cleanses acneic or oily-prone skin.

Revitalization of facial flacency

It has become the undisputed classic of our clients and of any skin that begins to notice the first signs of fatigue or expression lines.
Facial revitalization is an antioxidant aesthetic medicine treatment to prevent aging in the face, providing greater elasticity and smoothness to the skin and preventing the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its moisturizing capacities, water retention and the formation of collagen and elastin.
It is especially recommended for all those people who over time begin to observe dryness, loss of tone, or signs of fatigue in the face due to lack of hydration.
This fabulous treatment offers excellent results even in people who smoke or are exposed to the sun.

Benefits of facial revitalization

Corrects and Prevents skin aging.
Provides greater elasticity to the skin.
Prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
Firm the skin and reduce expression lines.
Thanks to the revitalization of elastin and collagen we achieve a visible facial rejuvenation.

Manual facial rejuvenation

Anti-aging treatment with which the health of the skin is optimized and the synthesis and revitalization of collagen is favored by retaining a greater amount of hyaluronic acid, this treatment has an exclusive cocktail of biological anti-aging Serums with peptides, tripeptides, vitamins, collagen and hyaluronic acid, applied by massage technique activating blood and lymphatic circulation, lifting the muscles and firming.

Facial rejuvenation benefits

Reduces wrinkles.
Blurs fine lines.
Regenerates the conjunctive tissue thanks to the benefits of the active principles.
Firms the skin and elevates the muscles.
Increases the density of the skin.
Smoother tissue radiant effect.

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Full price list


Aesthetic treatments, the alternative to surgery
We advise and help you improve your skin with aesthetic treatments for facial rejuvenation, and beauty programs tailored to your needs, to combat flaccidity , pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, redness and other signs of the passage of time. Microneedling, facial scrubs, facial mesotherapy, facial peeling … find the most suitable treatments for your skin care and receive them at home.
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