Comprehensive hand and foot care

At beauty at home we offer a wonderful service for the care of hands and feet,
where you will not only enjoy a traditional manicure or pedicure, you could also choose an extra massage, exfoliation, and wrap service.

Full manicure

The complete manicure is a custom treatment, perfect to beautify our nails and take care of our hands according to our type of hair.
Hands reveal many impressions, so it is important to keep them well-groomed and hydrated.
Having healthy hands is synonymous with a person concerned about their image and health and what better way to do it than with a complete manicure.
It is an ideal treatment for day to day, which brings you well-being, and happiness when contemplating your hands.


Nails are filed into the shape you want, polished to renew them and eliminate imperfections, the treatment includes pushing and removing excess cuticles to keep them healthy and beautiful. It is very important to take care of them regularly, since apart from showing off more aesthetic nails, you help prevent the appearance of nail diseases and cracks.
A trick that will be great for you is to hydrate them daily. With our sweet almond and rice bran oils with vitamin E, which penetrate the nail and protect it.
We give the touch of color with the semi-permanent Luxio and gelish harmony enamel, a nail varnish of extraordinary quality and own laboratory with the highest quality ingredients, or if you prefer traditional varnish eesie & o.p.i also of excellent quality.
We have a wide color chart to match all kinds of garments and occasions.
Finally, the application of a nourishing and antioxidant cream, which works by leaving your skin hydrated and rejuvenated, with perfect nails, soft hands and a great feeling of relaxation!
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We recommend that you perform this treatment once a week in the case of traditional varnish, or every two in the semi-permanent one to maintain a neat appearance on your hands.


The feet are a very important and very punished part of our body, since it has to support all our weight and we constantly walk on them.
For this reason it is important to take care of them day by day to avoid problems in the long term.
With a complete pedicure you will not only show off beautiful feet, but you will also experience a moment of rest and relaxation.
This treatment will help you exfoliate your feet and allow you to take care of your nails so that they do not damage your skin. In addition, you will be able to eliminate corns and keep your feet free of infections.


It is a complete nail and skin treatment. We start with cleaning the feet, immersing them in a bath of water and aromatic soap, then we cut the nails, file and polish the nails to eliminate imperfections, push and clean the cuticles eliminating hardness, and to make it thorough the exfoliation of dead cells, removing of calluses and repairing cracked heels , touch of hydration and relaxation , with the application of final cream, and
We finish by polishing the nails, with the color of your choice, with traditional or semi-permanent nail polish.
In the event that you want to enhance the duration of your nail polish, we recommend the semi-permanent pedicure, you will achieve a perfect finish for more than four weeks.

Foot care is an ideal way to feel good. And, although summer is usually the most common time in which these types of treatments are performed, these attentions should not be neglected during the rest of the year.
Let yourself be pampered by the professionalism of Beauty at home marbella and show off beautiful and healthy feet.

Ritual for hands or feet.

Anti-aging ritual treatment.
The skin of the hands is one of the first to show the first signs of aging. At beauty at home marbella we have designed these anti-aging solutions to complement the sessions of manicure and pedicure.
You will be surprised by its wonderful results.
It includes
Exfoliating peeling to prepare the skin and is completed with a revitalizing and nourishing mask wrap plus regenerating massage based on shea butter to provide deep hydration.

Full price list

Full price list


Aesthetic treatments, the alternative to surgery
We advise and help you improve your skin with aesthetic treatments for facial rejuvenation, and beauty programs tailored to your needs, to combat flaccidity , pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, redness and other signs of the passage of time. Microneedling, facial scrubs, facial mesotherapy, facial peeling … find the most suitable treatments for your skin care and receive them at home.
We combine state-of-the-art aesthetic technology, manual techniques, expert hands and high cosmetics to achieve visible and lasting results. We offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments to enhance your beauty in the most natural way.
Of course High international cosmetics both in professional treatments and  home care, a supreme beauty experience.